Exodus 7 Prayer Requests

Exodus 7 Prayer Requests

Our Prayer List is for anyone seeking prayer. 

Please let us know what you seek in prayer and email us at

 We will pray for you! If you don't want your prayer listed then put Don't Publish Prayer in the Subject Line!

Prayers & Prayer Updates

Brother Wilbert & Sister Lucille Brown: We are Praying for Brother Wilbert who has an LVAD and pacemaker to keep his heart pumping. We are praying that his heart is strengthened daily and able to be self-independent of these devices. 

UPDATE 05/03/2018 Brother Wilbert’s heart is strengthening even though he has the LVAD and pacemaker for life. Praise Yahovah with thanks in Yeshua's name!! Amen!

UPDATE 05/01/2018: Sister Lucille Brown's had a 2nd successful surgery and is doing well. She can now walk and drive with no pain now. Thank you for your prayers! Praise Yahovah with thanks in Yeshua's name!! Amen!

Brother Greg Nance: We are Praying for Brother Greg who has cancer. We are praying that Mr. Nance is healed and comforted of his cancer. Please keep him in your prayers daily.

Brother Wilbert's Cold and Low Blood Sugar (05/13/2018): Please pray for my Father's healing . He had to go to the emergency room today for a cold that has affected his immune system. In addition, he is a diabetic and his blood sugar has dropped and pray that it gets stabilized back to normal. Thank you for your prayers. Praise Yahovah with thanks in Yeshua's name!! Amen! 

Great Aunt Ema Lee (05/13/2018): Please pray for my Great Aunt is not eating and is slowly slipping away due to her sickness and old age. Please pray that she has the strength and will to eat something and not to exert herself. Thank you for your prayers!  Praise Yahovah with thanks in Yeshua's name!! Amen! 

Sister Giovanna Pippia: We are Praying for Sister Giovanna who is suffering with shingles. We are praying that she would be comforted and healed of her shingles.

Brother Eryn Young: We are Praying for our Brother 6-year-old Eryn who is hospitalized for swelling on his brain. He went into surgery but has some complications after the surgery and is still hospitalized and has not awaken yet. Please pray that Yahovah continues to watch over and heal him so he can go back home safely to his family.

UPDATE 02/26/2018: Brother Eryn is recovering from his surgery and healing.

Sister Savannah Saunders: She has recovered healthy and fully in the name of Yeshua (Jesus).

 Thank you for your prayers! Praise Yahovah with thanks in Yeshua's name!! Amen! 

Holy Impact Ministries: Please pray for our sister ministry Holy Impact Ministries to grow stronger to reach others with the Hebraic Truth as well! Pray that Pastor Scott Velain and his elders would serve faithfully and lovingly to share the word of our Father in Heaven in the name of our Savior and Messiah Yeshua HaMashiach. Site URL: 

Sister Mary Walker: Is a new member of Holy Impact Ministries, and we are keeping her and her family in our prayers and thanking our Father for her. 

Akram Arif: Greetings in the mighty name of king Jesus Christ. I am humbly requested to you please pray for the unity of believers. Please pray that God may open more gospel doors for us in pakistan. We want to win lost for His kingdom of heaven. 

Please pray for sister Agenas. She has breathing problems. Her lungs are not properly working. She needs our prayer. 

Please prayer for sister sajjada. She has kidney problems. 

Please prayer for sister gulnaz. She has cancer problem. She needs healing power from Jesus.  

Mbite: Dear Beloved Brethren, many greetings through the exalted name of our Loving Savior Jesus Christ from Kenya. I am very much pleased to tell you that your teachings on your website are a great blessing to me, my family and the young independent Christian fellowship that I founded when I got the call of the Lord to do so…The fellowship is of 58 members. I also take care of 25 orphans…It is my kind request that you also remember these needy orphans under my care in your daily prayers that God can open those ways for their needs both in physical and spiritual growth 

Sister Veronika Boggess: For her 12-year-old son, Brandon Boggess, who just has had his 3rd brain surgery. He has been battling “Mastoiditis (bone infection of the skull)” and Cholesteatoma that was the size of a grapefruit that was pressing down on his brain and took a big chunk out of his Mastoid bone in his left ear. Because of this, Brandon has lost his hearing in the left ear permanently. Please also pray for the Boggess family as well. 

Brother Wayne Bolton: For financial stability. His salary has been cut in half, he is facing eviction, and has court judgments from past due payments. Prayers are also needed for brother Wayne’s marriage. His wife has filed for divorce due to the financial struggle.

Brother Dale: For the children of Tanzania’s albino children. Witch doctors in the land are kidnapping the children and are dismembering them and are selling their body parts to for demonically charged ceremonies. 

“The reason I am sending this also is because I am albino and have been teased and made fun of and have gotten many a strange look because I am different. I have learned over the years to just shrug it off but what is happening to them goes beyond anything I ever went through as a child. I do thank you for your prayers in this matter.” 

Brother Dale 

Congregation of Maknayeem Church in southern India: Their Pastor (Pastor Gideon Periyaswamy) was hung from the rafters by Hindu extremists. This congregation needs our prayers as they continue to contend for the faith amongst a den of lions! 

Sister Nancy: Just had a lump removed from her breast. Prayers needed. UPDATE 05/03/2018: Sister Nancy is recover well after her surgery. Praise Yahovah with thanks in Yeshua's name!! Amen!

Sister Nicole Brooks: For the loss of her husband and her 22-year-old daughter Monica who has cancer. Also, for her son who is in the hospital from having a seizure, and for the salvation and indwelling of the Ruach Hakodesh of her children. 

Sister Tia Grant: For cancer. May need double mastectomy. 

Sister Giovanna: Please pray for her skeleton inflammation due to the Scleroderma disease.  Please pray for the salvation of her brother Joseph. Sister Giovanna is a new member of Holy Impact Ministries and Exodus7 Ministries.

Sister Annalise: For her hip and pin replacement, and for her journey in learning. Sister Annalise is a new member of Holy Impact Ministries! UPDATE 05/03/2018: 

Sister Analise’s surgery went well and she is recovering! Praise Yahovah with thanks in Yeshua's name!! Amen!

Brother & Sister Roger and Beverly Burkhart, and their children James and Destiny: Praying against the black mold in their home. Their children have contracted Tonsillitis, IBS, Fatty Liver Disease, and are desperately searching for another home that they can afford.  

Brother Mark Polley From Rhode Island: For a place to live! Brother Marks land lord has asked him to move as she is selling her house to her son. Mark and his wife, and three children now have nowhere to go. Mark is living paycheck to paycheck and has nowhere to go and no way to get there. Prayers need. Mark requests that anyone who may know someone in the Ozarks who may be willing to work with him or allow him to work off the cost… please contact us so that we can put you in contact with Mark and his family. Please pray for Mark, his wife Kim, their 8-year-old daughter Serena, 14-year-old daughter Autumn, and 18-year-old daughter Lily. 

UPDATE 05/03/2018: Brother Mark has purchased a travel trailer and is now in Arkansas on a piece of land living in the trailer! Praise Yahovah with thanks in Yeshua's name!! Amen!

UPDATE 1/13/18: Mark and his family now have a “GoFundMe” page to help them purchase a trailer to live in. 

Sister Elaine: For her 5-year-old grandson “Xander” who has just gone through “lymph node biopsy”. 

UPDATE 11/6/17: Xander has been found to have “Lymphoma” and is in need  of all of our prayers! 

UPDATE 12/1/18: Xander's test results showed that it is concentrated in one spot, which is promising. They are going to get on it soon. Thank you for continued prayers from everyone and just waiting for next step. 

UPDATE 12/7/17: Xander’s Cancer is in his neck area. He had to have his tonsils removed This past week, and to have bone marrow taken from his hip. We are continuing to pray For Xander and his parents Leon, and his wife Christi for strength and for salvation. 

UPDATE 12/14/17: Xander’s doctors say that they are confident and aren't going to start Treatments but are going to monitor him closely. Prayers are being answered as we speak and our Father’s hand is indeed upon Xander and his family! 

UPDATE 1/26/18: Xander will be having a scan again this Monday 1/29/18 to see how everything is. 

UPDATE 05/21/2018:   

Xander had a scan a few weeks ago . There doesn't seem to be any more cancer growth. He will have another scan in 2 months. Thank you for prayers. Praise Yahovah with thanks in Yeshua HaMashiac's holy name!!!!! Amen!

Sister Elaine: Please pray for needed for salvation in spirit and truth for all her 4 children , spouses, children and extended families. Thank you. 

Sister Deana Sayles: Was raised up in the Catholic church and is now in the process of being Baptized properly and following after the truth of God’s word as found in the scriptures. 

Sister Hannah Johnson: For her son “Max” that turns 1-year hold on December 5th, 2017. He has been diagnosed with ‘pulmonary veins stenosis that they say is incurable. The doctors have told Hannah that baby Max will only have 3 - 12 months to live. 

UPDATE 12/14/17: Baby Max had an operation today (Thursday Dec. 14th) We are awaiting an UPDATE. Prayers are needed for both baby Max and his family. 

UPDATE 12/14/17: Baby Max flew through a 5-hour surgery on December 14th and is doing well!!! He will have another operation in 6-8 weeks to check that everything is working ok. Once again, our Father in Heaven is indeed the great Physician, and can do what no other Physician can do! 

UPDATE 2/3/18: Baby Max is due to go in for a 2nd heart operation next week. He has done well since his first operation. Prayers are needed. 


Statement from Hannah: 

“So, the doctors just been round and had a chat with us to say it's very touch and go at the moment and they just want to make sure we know that they don't know what way Max will go... He's on all the support and medication that he can be on so now it's just waiting to see if the anti-biotics clear the infection well enough and quick enough for max to turn a corner and survive this. They have said its now very unlikely that max will go to surgery on Tuesday as this isn't mainly a heart problem this time it's his sepsis infection which is so so serious! They've just told us that this is the worst they've ever seen max and the infection is very bad! His markers gone from 169 down to 117 but it's going down extremely slow they think. The doctors just wanted us to know we were at the limits of what they can do so now it's all down to our little max!💙 you can do it baby please please dont leave us xxxxx “ 

Thank you to all my brothers and sisters for your continued prayers 

Sister Michaela Tierney: She only has 7 weeks left in her pregnancy, and baby Amarissa is “breech”. Michaela has had her children at home in the past naturally, but if baby Amarissa does not turn around our Sister Michaela may have to have a caesarean, and home birth will not be an option. Prayers are needed. 

Brother Glen: Needs our prayers for a quick recovery from a hip replacement. Glen also knew victims of the Southerland Springs Texas shooting. 

UPDATE 1/2/18: Brother Glenn and his wife are back from vacation and doing well! 

UPDATE 2/20/18: 

Brother Matthew Noble: For his father who is in the hospital fighting a bacterial infection of the blood. He is currently on morphine and antibiotics.

UPDATE 2/24/18: 

Brother Matthew’s father is doing much better but does have a blockage that needs to be tended to. Keep him in your prayers. 

Sister Liza: For her, and her former neighbor who has cancer. 

Brother Roy Bowen and his wife for their marriage. Roy’s wife has filed for divorce after 26 years of marriage. 

Sister Naomi Fiona Hall… Johannesburg South Africa, cannot cope financially. Naomi has been working for 15 years with the same company that will not allow her to advance. Needs prayers to move forward so that she can support her children and family.  

Rosemary Bryant: For Brother Tim and Sister April Bryant for their Marriage (Separation) Now in counseling! 

UPDATE 12/14/17: April and their 10 children are still living in Ohio 6 hours away from their home in P.A. April wants Tim to return to the Baptist church and it’s denominational beliefs. Continued prayers are needed for truth and wisdom to prevail! 

UPDATE 2/10/18: Tim and April Bryant are finally meeting with their marriage counselor on Feb. 12th and 13th. This unresolved relationship has been especially hard on the 5 younger children. 

Brother Tito and Sister Adrianna: ARE NOW WITH CHILD!!!! And we are continuing to pray for things to continue to go well as we walk with them through this pregnancy, and through faith in our Father in Heaven and his only begotten Son we are looking forward to the birth of a new member of the body of our Messiah! 

UPDATE 12/27/17: IT’S A BOY !!!!!! 

UPDATE 1/6/18: The baby is doing well and moving around a lot! 

Brother Joseph: Would like prayers to also have a child. Prayers needed!!

Brother James: 

• Prayer for his street ministry and for him to be able devote time to ministry while working a fulltime job

• Also, for reconciliation between brother James and his son. 

• Also, for a friend who has Multiple Sclerosis (MS), who is now in remission because of prayer. 

• For a Yahovah fearing and loving wife to have a family, and to minister together with. 

• Prayer for all marriages to be saved and blessed within H.I.M. couples/families. 

• Prayer for Pastor V. and H.I.M. Elders to be continuously edified and taught by the Ruach HaKodesh.

• First Responders, and homeless in our communities. 

Prayer chain for people of Texas, and Florida, Mexico, and Puerto Rico, Las Vegas, New York, Israel, The UK, China, Japan, Russia, North and South Korea, Iran, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Canada, India, Africa, Libya and all of our brothers and sisters around the world in every nation who are being persecuted for the name of our Messiah. And all of our brothers and sisters who are going through the refinement of life’s trials and tribulations. Pray for their testing and ours! 

Sister Terina Brooks... and her children… who have recently lost her husband who they miss terribly.  

Sister Yvette Threat and her mother Audrey Galloway both have “Arterial Fibrillation” and have had it since 2005. Her mother Audrey has had this problem even longer. They are also on blood thinners for life. 

Brother Ed Simpson: For Jessica who has been told by her doctor that there are complications with her pregnancy that could put the lives of both mother and child in danger. 

Brother Darwin: 

• For his sister who has become addicted to Oxycontin after being prescribed by a doctor after a car accident that she had years ago. She is living out of wedlock with another user, and both need help. 

• Also, for a brother who is dealing with mental health problems and depression 

• Also, for his older brother who is in the Air National Guard, and has been called to the middle east in service of our country, and for his wife and children as well. 

• Also, for his mother who is battling a hypothyroid illness and who enables his sister and his depressed brother. 

Sister Diane Foster: We are praying for our Sister Diane to remain steadfast in these troubled days. We are also praying the following for her too:

-Yahovah grant her the strength and zeal to continue doing His work, the work for the Kingdom.

-Pray that she can resist overeating, and do not consume more calories than her metabolism allows.

-Pray for the Elders as we grow in our position within Holy Impact Ministries H.I.M.

-Pray for our Pastor V at Holy Impact Ministries H.I.M.

-Pray for those given to Pastor V him to minister.


Please Pray that Brother Charles is focusing on doing our Father Yahovah’s will and repentance for salvation from Yeshua HaMashiach.

Sister Patricia: We are praying for Sister Patricia who was released from the hospital in Dallas TX today (03/20/2018) for a serious heart condition! Please pray for her rapid recovery and healing.

Sister Chanice (04/04/2018): Please pray for Sister Chanice who is currently studying in college for her nursing degree! Please pray that she is able to pass her upcoming exams and successfully graduate as a Nurse upon her completing her studies. Please pray that Yahovah will comfort her and let His face shine on her and her husband in the name of Yeshua (Jesus). Amen!!!!!!

Sister Rosie (04/04/2018): Please pray for Sister Rosie's feet which are giving her slight pain. She is healed but has remnant pain left

  over. Also pray that she is able to receive contact from her sister Connie in the Philippines.  Connie's phone was disconnected and they have both lost contact. We ask this from our Father in heaven in Yeshua's (Jesus') name. Amen!!!!!!!

UPDATE (05/03/2018): Sister Rosie’s feet have been healed! Thank you for your prayers.

Praise Yahovah giving thanks through Yeshua HaMashiach!!!!! Amen!

Sister Connie In Tucson AZ (04/14/2018): Please pray for Sister Connie's friend in Michigan who has upcoming heart surgery this week. Please pray that the surgery is blessed and that Yahovah God would allow for a 100% recovery in Yeshua (Jesus) name. Amen!!!!

Brother Brian ( 04/16/2018): Please pray for Brother Brian to be healed of his painful Sciatica that is limiting his ability to walk and be comforted. Please pray that the pain would subside and that he would be able to get back to normal quickly! In the name of Yeshua (Jesus). Amen!!!!!!

UPDATE (05/03/2018): Brother Brian has had some relief from his sickness and is able to walk again. Praise Yahovah giving thanks through Yeshua HaMashiach!!!!! Amen!

Sister Angelica (04/16/2018): Please pray for Sister Angelica for healing off rotator cuff that is damaged and causing her pain. Please pray that she will not have to have surgery to correct the injury. In the name of Yeshua (Jesus). Amen!!!!!!

Sister Felicita (05/01/2018): Please pray for Sister Felicita's Father 83-year father, Jorge Morales who now in a nursing home being feed through a tube connected to his stomach and is weak and not able to walk. He may have to stay in the nursing home permanently. Also, please pray for Mr. Morales’ wife (Carmin Morales) who is bed bound as well with partial dementia and being taken care of at home. Please pray that Mr. Morales regains his strength and normalcy back to include being released from the bounds of depression. Please pray that Mrs. Morales would be healed of her partial dementia. Also, pray that Yahovah heals Mr. Morales’ his heart from past emotional pain and that he would accept the free gift of salvation from Yahovah through His Son Yeshua HaMashiach. Also, please pray that Sister Felicita's siblings would forgive their dad (Mr. Jorge Morales) and call him more often to show their love and honor for father as we are commanded to do in Exodus 20:12. Praise Yahovah giving thanks through Yeshua HaMashiach!!!!! Amen!

Brother John Jordan (04/30/2018): Please pray for Brother John to be able to see his daughters that has not seen in a while due to family issues. Also, please pray that John will be able to obtain a contract to get back into the IT workforce for his business. Please pray that John's father is healed of his health issues too. Praise Yahovah giving thanks through Yeshua HaMashiach!!!!! Amen!

Sister Barbara Romano (05/01/2018): Please pray for our Sister who has gallstones in her intestines that need to be removed! Please pray that she will NOT have to have surgery to have them removed. Please pray that Yahovah will relive her of the pain that she is experiencing from the gallstones. 

UPDATE (05/01/2018): Sister Diane spoke with Sister Barbara and the doctors reported that they couldn’t find any issues with her ruptured pancreas. Yahovah healed the rupture in her pancreas!!!!!! Thanks, in Yeshua’s name!!! Amen! We will keep you all posted!